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Online Registration Form (Session 2024-2025)

Necessary instructions-
In the ongoing lockdown period all over the country due to the transition of the Corona global pandemic (Kovid-19), "e-learning / virtual classes" are being conducted in the school in view of student interest as directed by the government. Through this online registration, action will be taken to add students to the WhatsApp group of the above classes, and will be benefited from the teaching. Action will be taken in relation to admission in the school only when all the desired records are present at the school opening after the end of the lockdown. No admission claim will be valid on the basis of this registration.

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Declaration- The above information is correct to my knowledge. If any information is found to be wrong in future, I can be punished by the school. The decision taken by the school regarding admission will be valid and based on this registration, No claim will be made by me for the Registration.